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Welcome to Lund University Humanities Lab!

Its time for one of those irregular newsletters about what’s going on in the Humanities Lab! This time we deal with intense topics such as: helmets, coordinating 11 different organisations, corrosive chemicals, pointing (using not your fingers), and tags in the research portal.

Construction work in the Library @SOL during summer

This summer the faculty library @SOL will be renovated and that means that a lot of construction work will take place directly over the lab. And that means noise. As an experimental facility, we tend to dislike noise (if it is not an experiment about noise). So, for the summer, please have this in mind when planning experiments or other activities! We are not sure exactly when most of the noise will be, but the construction work will start in the beginning of June (week 24)  and then continue until the end of August.

ALL users in the lab should therefore use the side entrance during summer, and not walk through the library. The door from the lobby @SOL will be locked. We do not want users to get lost at a building site without a helmet (and we have no helmets). So, use the side door outside of the library, take the stairs down and tadaa! you are in the lab. Make sure that participants (if you decide to ignore the possible noise and run an experiment) also use the side entrance. You will have to pick them up outside and walk them down, and then walk them back out. Yes, follow them all the way please (card readers go beeep otherwise).

Chemicals in the lab

Yes, we are a lab. No, we do not have white coats. But we do have chemicals. Mostly for disinfecting surfaces, equipment, and of course, hands. All chemicals that are not in use in a studio (like the EEG-lab), are stored in a cabinet in the storage room @SOL. With signs saying stuff like “danger” and “corrosive” on it. You can also find safety data sheets for all the chemicals in a binder on top of the cabinet, in case you want to know more about the dangerous and corrosive part.

New national infrastructure in the Lab!

Hooray and yes! We have a brand new national infrastructure, coordinated by the Lab! It also has a brand new webpage. Go on, have a look! Exciting things will happen under the Huminfra-umbrella, like workshops and courses. All info will be posted on the Huminfra page as well as the lab calendar.
Huminfra is a Swedish national infrastructure supporting digital and experimental research in the Humanities by providing users with a single entry point for finding existing Swedish materials and research tools, as well as developing national method courses. Huminfra is a consortium consisting of 11 universities and organisations across 12 nodes, coordinated by Lund University Humanities Lab. Huminfra is funded by the Swedish Research Council and the partner organisations.

New publications by lab staff and users!

How can you point with your chin while also avoiding the other's gaze?

Pointing with the chin is a practice attested worldwide. For the chin point to work, the addressee must attend to the speaker's head. This demand comes into conflict with the politeness norms of many cultures, which may require conversationalists to avoid meeting the gaze of their interlocutor, and look away from their interlocutor’s face.

Kate Mesh, Emiliana Cruz & Marianne Gullberg

Construction and validation of a questionnaire to study engagement in informal second language learning

This article reports on the development and validation of the Informal Second Language Engagement questionnaire (ISLE) for capturing various aspects of learner engagement with informal second language practices.

Henriette L Arndt

Rapid movements at segment boundaries

New article in The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America by lab user Malin Svensson Lundmark, presenting results from research using the Articulography at the Humanities Lab!

…and on the topic of publications…

This is a friendly reminder to tag the Humanities Lab as infrastructure in the research portal Lucris. We know you know this, but as we said, just a reminder in case you somehow forgot. It is done really quickly, and allows us to brag (of course, in a humble way) about all the cool stuff our users do in the lab.

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