Policy documents

On this page you can find various documents such as the user guidelines, information about fees, etc. If you have trouble reading Swedish, please contact someone in the administrative staff and we will help you! 

Our mission: Top-level research and training based on cutting-edge technology and method

Lund University Humanities Lab aims at being a top-level infrastructure for research and training in accordance with the guidelines of the Swedish Research Council. The Lab thus seeks to promote the diversification of research in the Humanities and Theology to improve visibility and impact. The Lab facilitates and enables interdisciplinary research by providing a forum for researchers from all over the LU campus. The Lab is also an interface between Academia and external actors in industry and education. 


All users sign a user agreement after reading and agreeing to the user guidelines and Lab's code of conduct.

User guidelines

Code of conduct in the lab



Costs for renting Humlab premises (in Swedish, please contact the Lab administration for questions)

Policy for placement of equipment on the premises of the LU Humanities lab

User fees EEG/ERP


Guideline for ethical review of research at the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology (in Swedish)

Lund University support page for issues related to research ethics 

The Swedish Research Council´s report on Good Research Practice 

ALLEAs The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (Swedish) 

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