Professor of Psycholinguistics, and Chair/Director of Lund University Humanities Lab. I examine acquisition and real time language use in adult L2 users and bi-/multilingual speakers, targeting semantics, discourse, and gesture production and comprehension. I hold a Wallenberg Scholar grant entitled Embodied bilingualism dedicated to the study of these topics. 
I headed the group The Dynamics of Multilingual Processing at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics (2000-2009 w. P. Indefrey), and co-founded the Nijmegen Gesture Centre in 2003 (w. A. Özyürek), the first of its kind. I was area editor of Cognitive Second Language Acquisition in the Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics (2012 w. J. Williams), Associate ed. of the journal Language Learning (2009-2014), Info ed. of Gesture (2000-2018), and am now Editor of Language, Interaction and Acquisition. I was Vice-President of the European Second Language Association 2000-2007, and received its Distinguished Scholar Award in 2019.

Marianne Gullberg

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