Manage datasets

Humlab file server

If you are a user in the lab and have indicated to the lab administration that you need space on the humlab server to manage datasets you can find a technical description on how to connect to the lab server below.

Connect to server from outside the lab

The humlab file server is intended to provide research projects with disk storage and group-level access to datasets that are recorded in the lab. You will need your project id that was mailed to you when registering a project in the lab. Connect to the humlab server through the following steps:

  • All wired internet connections within Lund University should work. If you use a wireless connection, you need to connect to the eduroam wireless network. Outside the university, you need to start a VPN client to connect.
  • Connect with your project id. On Windows, you can click on the Start menu, and enter \\\<project id>$ in the search bar. On Mac OS X, you can use the Finder menu called Go, and select Connect to server. A search bar will appear where you enter smb://<project id>$. Dont forget to add the $-sign after your project id.
  • When you connect to the file server, you will be prompted to enter your LUCAT credentials. On Windows, you need to prefix your username. Thus if your LUCAT username is "huml-xxx", you would enter UW\huml-xxx as your username. If your computer has been added to the university domain, you might not need any authentication.

Connect to server from inside the lab

IMPORTANT: Instructions below only relate to the smaller experiment rooms behind the inner, second double-door entrance (EEG, Biopac etc). In the digital classroom, just outside that inner entrance (the larger room with multiple eye-tracking setups) you should connect to your project folder using the instructions above, as if you were outside the lab.

The recording- and stimuluscomputers connected to the different measuring systems inside the lab are particularly sensitive to any kind of contaminated files. Due to this it is forbidden to connect any of these computers to the general network and it is also forbidden to connect any memorystick or external harddrive to these computers.

However it is necessary to transfer stimulusfiles to the stimuluscomputers and to collect recorded data from the recordingcomputers. This is done by connecting to the humlab server. In each recording room in the lab there is a small router. This is connected to a secure network that only connects the routers in the rooms with a secure channel to the server.

When it is necessary to connect the recording or stimuluscomputers to the server, make sure to connect them through one of the two free connections in the router. All of the windows computers has a connectionscript that needs to be run in order to connect. There is a shortcut on the desktop called "shortcut to humlab" that, when it is run, asks for project-id and lucat credentials. Once entered it connects to the server and mounts the project-folder as H:\

In the two EEG-rooms it is necessary to first connect the router to the network. Connect the cable that is marked ACQ to the contact in the wall marked ACQ. The windows computers connects as above. On the mac, choose "Connect to server" from the Go-menu in the finder and write smb://<project id>$
Then enter lucat-credentials with the prefix uw\ before the lucat-id.

If the loginscript doesn't work or is missing, it is possible to connect a windows computer to the server by typing \\\<project id>$ in the "Search programs and files" field in the startmenu. Log in with the lucat credentials, once again with the prefix uw\ before the lucat-id.

Please contact Jens Larsson if you have any difficulties to connect to the file shares, or if you have any questions or suggestions about the file server!

Server maintenance

Every Saturday at 4 AM the server is restarted for security updates.

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