PsychoPy: Setting up an experiment

PsychoPy is an open-source application that allows you to set up and run experiments where stimuli are presented on a computer screen in order to collect physiological or behavioural responses from participants. It is a free alternative to E-prime and Presentation, and is based on Python.

In the two tutorials listed below, you will get an overview of tools used to run online experiment (Tutorial I), and get help to implement your own (online) experiment using PsychoPy (Tutorial II).

No previous knowledge in programming is required.

Introduction to tools for running online experiments

This tutorial gives an introduction to some of the most common tools to conduct online, web-based experiments, with a focus on PsychoPy.  Pros and cons of different tools will be discussed, and sample experiments will be presented.

Hands-on work with PsychoPy for online experiments

This tutorial is intended for people who want to start, or have started, implementing their online experiment using PsychoPy. The aim of the tutorial is help people to continue developing their own experiment in a hands-on manner.

For info and applications, contact marcus.nystromhumlab.luse.

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