News and events 2020 #3

Lund University Humanities Lab

Welcome to Lund University Humanities Lab!

This is the third newsletter during 2020 addressed to all new and existing users of the Lab.

LU Humanities Lab re-opens five facilities

On October 1 we re-open some of our facilities for experimental use with limited numbers of participants and under strict safety protocols: @SOL, the Digital Classroom, Studio 1 and 2, and @LUX the Mocap studio and the LARM studio. For each facility, there is a maximum number of people. Information on that is found here and in the rooms. In the rooms are also specific instructions for disinfection of equipment in each facility.

Importantly, ALL users, new and old, must contact user_agreementshumlab.luse before undertaking any activities. All users must also follow the strict participant protocol to guarantee the safety of experimenters and participants alike.

For any questions, contact user_agreementshumlab.luse.

Future week!

The lab will take part in “Future week" (Framtidsveckan) October 12-18 with three online events! A talk and quiz to see if you are a future catwhisperer, a virtual tour of the lab, and a talk about communication about space. The full programme can be found here at the site for Future week

From google to Time Edit

Around October 10, we will stop using google calendars for booking of studios and equipment and instead start using Time Edit. There will be some changes due to this, for instance some equipment will be booked separately (the eyetracking equipment for example). All users will be able to see available time slots in the calendars, but only users with a LU affiliation will be able to book. External users can contact the administration for assistance with bookings. More information regarding this will be sent out when the shift takes place.

Courses and tutorials

In the autumn semester 2020, the pedagogical activities in the Humanities Lab will resume. In order to comply with the current governmental recommendations for social distancing, most activities will take place online. Questions? Send them to our educational developer Maria Graziano, or to the responsible teacher. All information about our our courses and tutorials can be found on the current pedagogical activities page.

Some of our upcoming tutorials are:Screen-based eye trackingMining text with quantitative methodsElanGPSMobile eye tracking

Annual Report 2019

If you missed the news during summer- the Annual report for 2019 is now available for download!

Finished a project? Or not?

We want to keep the record of active lab users up to date. To ensure that you have continuous access to the Lab, don’t forget to extend a project if needed. Do this by emailing Martina Holmgren.

If your project is completed, please write a short paragraph about findings and send it to Deputy Director Victoria Johansson. Also, please fill in our">questionnaire

New publications!?

Do you have any new publications or other outcome that relate to the Humanities lab? We remind all users to tag their output in LUCRIS with the infrastructure label Lund University Humanities Lab, so that we can easily find it, and highlight it!


For equipment-related questions, use the function address indicated on the facilities page. For administrative questions, contact our administrative staff. If you have questions for the steering committee, contact">
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