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User info

The LARM-studio is equipped with professional audio and video technology for research purposes. Examples of equipment include: 24-channel analog audio mixer Neve, musical instruments, microphones for different audio recordings, 10 channel video mixer with 4k resolution, Full HD and 4K video cameras, monitors with 4k resolution, Apple computers with software and hardware for audio and video editing. Furthermore, there are light fixtures for good lighting. The LARM-studio consists of a control room and studio with dimensions 650x750 cm. Both rooms are soundproofed and have sound absorbers of various kinds. Contact: larmhumlab.luse

Guidelines for using the LARM-studio during covid-19

We recommend the same person handling and using the same equipment during the process. If changing or sharing equipment, please clean the equipment surface before next user uses it. 

Before cleaning - turn off all electronic equipment!
Use surface desinfection to clean used equipment, door handles and other areas being touch throughout the recording.
Be very careful when cleaning electronic eqipment so no surface desinfection enters the inside of the equipment. Carefully soak a paper towel, then clean - NEVER POUR LIQUID DIRECTLY ON THE SURFACE!
DO NOT CLEAN THE MICROPHONES AT ALL!!! Just leave used microphones on the table and inform Peter they are there (peter.roslundhumlab.luse).
Be very careful when cleaning the audio mixer! 

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