National research infrastructures

The Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) funds research infrastructures of broad national interest that enable research of the highest scientific quality. The lab is a partner in four such infrastructures.


Huminfra is a national research infrastructure, supporting digital and experimental research in the Humanities. It brings together 11 Swedish universities and organisations led by Lund University Humanities Lab. Huminfra hosts the web-based information platform which compiles and links to existing digital/e-scientific data sets, tools, expertise and training opportunities spread across Sweden – resources that the individual researcher previously had to spend a lot of time identifying and learning to use. Huminfra also hosts national training events in different techniques.



InfraVis provides national support for data analysis and scientific visualisation across all disciplines. The infrastructure provides access to state-of-the-art visualisation competence, support, equipment, training and methods.

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Swe-Clarin is a national e-science consortium dedicated to language technology. It is itself a part of the European Research and Infrastructure Consortium Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure (ERIC CLARIN). CLARIN provides access to (contemporary andhistorical) language- and-text-based material, and to tools for exploring and investigating such data. Since2020 the Lab is a CLARIN Metadata Providing Centre which provides so-called CMDI metadata via the Archive server to CLARIN’s Virtual Language Observatory (VLO).

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The Swedish National Infrastructure for Digital Archeology (SweDigArch), aims to provide the full range of archaeological, palaeoecological and eventually heritage science data, to aggregate and harmonise existing databases to make them compatible with advanced search tools and integrate new types of data (e.g. 3D scannings, satellite and drone images).

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