Recording Audio

Filmed guides for recording audio

This page contains a number of tutorials for audio recording in the Anechoic Chamber or in the field made by Susanne Schötz. The videos are primarily meant as a complement to the written guides, so it is important to read the related written guides before watching the films. Click on the symbol with two arrows to view in full screen mode. Links to written tutorials can be found in the list to the right.

Recording audio in the anechoic chamber

In this video I will show you some basic functions that may help you when you want to record audio in the anechoic chamber. It is intended as a supplement to the written guide (see link in the menu to the right). The main focus is on how to record human speech using only one microphone.

Recording Audio in the Anechoic Chamber

Written guides to audio recording

Recording Audio in the Anechoic Chamber

Audacity Guide (old guide in Swedish)

Additional files:

Tutorial for acoustic analysis of speech in Praat (in Swedish):


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