Introduction to 3D documentation techniques

In the Humanities lab several different techniques and instruments are used to document in three dimensions. This group tutorial offers first of all a general introduction to 3D documentation. But also a brief overview of 3D-scanning, image-based 3D-modelling, differential gps and motion capture, all of which has their own group-tutorial for a more indepth look into the different techniques.

This group tutorial is primarily aimed at those who are interested in using 3D documentation, but are unsure of which technology is most suitable for their particular questions. We look into the advantages and disadvantages of the different technologies, sort out questions about data quality, discuss planning and time consumption, as well as what type of data you can expect and how it is represented.

For info and applications, contact stefan.lindgrenhumlab.luse.

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3D scan
3D doc techiniques
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