Personal data management at Lund University Humanities Lab

When you have read this information, Lund University Humanities Lab considers that you have received the information you are entitled to under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) .

Project management

For project management purposes, we store the following information:

- name of all project members

- email addresses to all project members

- department / affiliation

- name of the project

- project duration

These tasks are linked to a project ID for access to space on the lab server.

The data is available only for the lab administration and is used a) to provide access to the lab facilities for users, and b) for statistical purposes.

The data is stored digitally during the lifetime of the project and for another 12 months after the end date of the project. The data is also archived in physical form and will be deleted according to the archiving regulations of the university. After 12 months the name of the project and the project leader are stored digitally on local servers.

User email list

As a user in the lab, your email address will be added to our user mailing list. Only employees in the lab can send out information on that list. Upon completion of a project, your address will be removed.

Newsletter email list

As a user in the lab, you are also added to our email list for newletters. If you wish to be taken off this list, contact the lab adminsitration.

Responsible for Personal Data: Lund University
Data Protection Officer: dataskyddsombudluse
Purpose of the processing of personal data: research
Legal basis for processing of personal data: consent
Your rights: data correction, data limitation, revocation of consent, and deletion of data. Complaints are communicated to the Data Protection Officer at Lund University.
Rights Limitation: Archive regulations

More information about Lund University's work on privacy issues and personal data-

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