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Some programming experience is necessary, e.g. scripting in C# for Unity3D (with technical support from lab staff), javascript for ThreeJS, or visual scripting for Unreal Engine.

Tech specs

In concrete terms the Humanities Lab has Varjo VR-2 and VR-3 tethered to a stationary PC and setup with external tracking system (SteamVR), and Quest Pro and 3 standalone headsets, software solutions (based on Unity3D) for logging interactions with 3D objects and eye-tracking data, and technical expertise.

The Lab has one Faro Focus phase shift laser scanner (IR) for larger environments, a handheld Artec Eva scanner (structured light) for medium sized objects and two NextEngine triangulation laser scanners for smaller objects, and a differential GPS-system for taking coordinate points and geolocating different datasets (typically in GIS). The lab also has expertise in image-based 3D modelling.

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Contact: vrhumlab.luse

User project: "Establishing a city scan procedure"

User project

A project conducted at the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, Lund University, in collaboration between the Digital Archaeology Lab (DARKlab) and the Humanities laboratory has allowed to test a workable pipeline to integrate Virtual Reality-based Eye-Tracking with GIS analytic tools for the analysis of Cultural Heritage sites.


Master course

Digital Archaeology, Virtual Reality in Archaeology

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