Visualising and exploring complex data in VR

Virtual reality (VR) is an experience that may provide you with a new way of exploring your research data by literally walking around in it. This tutorial aims to enable a VR framework to visualise your data for exploration in Humanities Lab’s VR studio but it should also work on your laptop. The framework is based on a free game engine (Unity 3D) and is developed for creating interactive 3D visualisations of large multi-dimensional research data sets. With a capacity of hundreds of millions of data items, lists or tables can be loaded into a virtual space to freely navigate in while values or subsets are represented by various visual means.  

This tutorial is for people with complex datasets and curiosity to explore them in a new creative way. It includes an introduction to the basics of VR, a workshop in a hands-on manner and personal consultations.

No previous knowledge in programming is required but useful for a deeper understanding. In order to participate, you need to bring datasets you know well and a computer with "Unity 3D" installed (there is a free version for Mac and Windows).

For info and applications, contact henrik.gardehumlab.luse

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