Swe-Clarin and K-centre MULTISENS

Swe-Clarin is a node in CLARIN (Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure) that developes and provides:

  • national and European infrastructure for text- and speech-based e-science,
  • vast digitized materials and advanced language technology tools,
  • user support, workshops and support for research applications.

Swe-Clarin is directed at researchers and others who are interested in digital methods and materials for humanities and social sciences (HSS) research.

Read more about CLARIN- clarin.eu

Knowledge Centre MULTISENS

Since 2017, The Humanities Lab is a certified CLARIN Knowledge Centre (K-centre), with a special focus on multimodal and sensor-based methods. 
Every three (or so) years the status as a K-centre is reviewed by CLARIN's Knowledge Infrastructure Committee. 

The lab's K-centre was reviewed in 2021 and was recertified. It was also decided to change the name of the centre as to better reflect the actual activites (rather than, as before, the geographic location).

The new name is CLARIN Knowledge Centre for Multimodal and Sensor-based Data. For short: CLARIN-MULTISENS.

In addition, we are also a C-centre, meaning that our datasets are integrated with CLARIN's Virtual Language Observatory.

For some research output, view The Humanities Lab's Swe-Clarin page in LU's Research Portal.

Find out more about CLARIN Knowledge centers on their webpage.

The Knowledge infrastructure committee- clarin.eu

Virtual Language Observatory- vlo.clarin.eu

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For further information, contact sweclarin_lundhumlab.luse.
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