Booking of facilities

All bookings of studios and/or equipment are done in Time Edit. All users in the lab, affiliated with Lund University (LU), have access to book lab facilities for project activities. If you are a student or employee at LU but are not able to make a booking, please ask your PI to notify lab administration so you can get access. If you are not affiliated with LU, please contact bookingshumlab.luse for help.

How to book:

1)    Click on the pictures below this text and log in with LU-ID. (Use "right click" to choose option to open i new window.) You can also use these links:
Link to booking of studios
Link to booking of equipment
2)    Book studio/equipment. Information about each facility can be found by clicking on the object in the left menu.
3)    Nothing will be charged, the “kostnadsställe” is just for statistical purposes.
4)    Please add Project ID and name and email to a contact person on site.
5)    Please only book the facilities for hours when you are certain you will need it. Please delete your booking if you will not use the facility, even if it is at short notice.

Special note: please book the lab facilities ONLY for experimental/project activity.

Schedule view of all bookings

Here you can have a quick look and see what studios and/or equipment that are avaliable for booking.

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