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a 3d model of the reconstruction of the inside of Vadstena church- pews and altar and a balcony in colour, roof and floor in grey
12 June 2023

All about exiting user projects, technology and method development during the last two years!

screenshot from main page
25 January 2023

The research infrastructure Huminfra, led by Lund University Humanities Lab and financed by the Swedish Research Council, is now taking physical form through the web-based information platform…

top of old green typewriter with a paper in i and the word "news" printed on it
13 June 2023

Lab member Giacomo Landeschi co-edited a new open access book: "Capturing the Senses: Digital Methods for Sensory Archaeologies"!

old green typewriter with paper in it with the word "news" printed on it
18 April 2023

Why was the British Parliament so late in broadcasting its debates? Scholars have made recommendations on parliamentary communication, analysed its effects, and described the debates and arguments on…

AI generated image of a person from the back, with a hand on the keyboard of a computer. Blurred lines.
22 March 2023

Capturing writers’ typing while visually attending the emerging text: a methodological approach

top of old typewriter with paper in and the word "news" written on it
22 February 2023

Pointing with the chin is a practice attested worldwide. For the chin point to work, the addressee must attend to the speaker's head. This demand comes into conflict with the politeness norms of many…

old typewriter with paper in it with text that says "news"
13 February 2023

Code-switching, or the use of two languages within a single coherent utterance, is a hallmark of bilingual language use. It also sheds light on the workings of the bilingual language system, providing…

street sign in pink saying "this is the sign you've been waiting for" on black background
6 February 2023

Postdoctoral position in Electroencephalography (EEG)

old typing machine with paper that says news in bold letters
26 January 2023

Construction and validation of a questionnaire to study engagement in informal second language learning

en man står halvt vänd mot en projektion av ett spöke med stora ögon, flygande hår och en snara runt halsen som håller upp händerna
20 January 2023

Avatar tecknar live från teaterscen i unikt projekt

A theater scene with two actors looking at a avatar on a screen between them
21 December 2022

See the sneak preview of "The Ghost of Canterville"!

black and white picture of a sign hanging over stairs. The sign says "Humanistlaboratoriet".
31 October 2022

Joost van de Weijer (LU Humanities Lab) and Roberta Colonna Dahlman (Italian Studies, Centre for Languages and Literature) has been a awarded a grant from Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ) for the…

en man sitter ner och tittar mot en projektorduk bakom sig, en annan man står på andra sidan och tittar. På duken syns en grön människoliknande avatar som håller upp sina händer.en man står
26 October 2022

Sveriges Radio har uppmärksammat samarbetet mellan Humanistlaboratoriet och Riksteatern Crea för skapandet av teckenspråkstalande avatarer på scen.

Black and white picture with sign hanging over stairs with the word "Humanitlaboratoriet" on it.
13 October 2022

New grant from Lund University Research Board.

flera människor står i ett ekofritt rum som har stora ljudabsorbenter på väggarna och en mikronfon hängande från taket
21 September 2022

tre personer står framför en tegelvägg. Kvinnan längst till vänster titta upp mot himlen, den andra kvinnan och mannen tittar rakt mot kameran.
7 September 2022

Johan Mårtensson i programmet "Kropp och själ", Sveriges Radio P1

Marianne Gullberg presenting the Lab for the  Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
29 August 2022

Picture from the EuroSLA31 program
29 August 2022

Picture of Henriette Arndt
24 August 2022

Participant in the Lab demo for WASP-HS PhD students
24 August 2022