Establishing a city scan procedure for sustainable virtual tourism in order to save built cultural heritage

Ingela Pålsson Skarin, Dept. of Architecture and Built Environment, Lund University
Giacomo Landeschi, Dept. of Archaeology and Ancient History/Lund University Humanities Lab, Lund University
Carolina Larsson and Stefan Lindgren, Lund University Humanities Lab, Lund University

This project uses laser scanning to explore the potentials of introducing Virtual Tourism by means of Augmented Reality to mitigate over-tourism and today’s CO2 emissions. Virtual Tourism could signify the necessary paradigm shift for the tourism industry since its work pipeline, the City Scan Procedure (CSP), is constructed with the intention of giving local stakeholders better control of their tourist destination, by regulating today’s unrestricted development. The project is based on laser scanning field work in three countries. This pilot study takes place at Fredriksdal Open Air Museum, Helsingborg.


3d scan of street with houses
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