Group Tutorials

Group tutorials offered in the Lab are listed below, and described in the dedicated pages on the left.

The Lab educational developer is responsible for the group tutorials, but they are taught by different Lab members. For info and applications, unless otherwise stated, contact pedagogisk_utvecklarehumlab.luse.

Some tutorials are regularly scheduled, dates are announced on the Lab webpage at the beginning of each semester. Some tutorials are on request: a date will be agreed on between the participants and the teacher when there is a large enough group for the tutorial to be given. Check dates for the current semester here.

  • Introduction to the Humanities Lab
  • 3D Scanning
  • Audio & Video Recording (LARM Studio)
  • BioPac System
  • Doing data analysis with R: An introduction
  • ELAN
  • GPS (Global Positioning System) & data georeferencing
  • Image-based 3D modelling
  • Introduction do 3D documentation tecniques
  • Motion Capture (MoCap) system
  • Practical text mining
  • PsychoPy - Setting up an experiment
  • Visualising and exploring complex data in VR

Current group tutorials

Check here (link, new window) for the tutorials offered the current semester.


If you have any questions about the tutorials, contact our educational developer:  pedagogisk_utvecklarehumlab.luse (link to email)
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