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Motion capture (mocap) recordings are often fast and simple, but they need to be planned carefully.  One difficulty is that it is very tricky to record full body movements at the same time as recording subtle facial expressions or small finger movements. There could also be the problem of occlusion, where the subject moves in a way that occludes the markers, which of course means that the data for that particular marker is lost during the time it is occluded. Therefore it is very important to plan the recording well. Our mocap system is scalable in the sense that it is possible to use only a subset of cameras and move them closer to the person being recorded. That means it could be setup in the most favorable position for each recording. But this needs to be tested since there is a possibility that the cameras disturb each other if they are directed in the wrong way.

For safety reasons, do not look directly into the cameras.

The mocap studio is at LUX.

Contact: mocaphumlab.luse

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