Bio Pac System

The BioPac system is a system that measures electrophysiological responses from people.  At present, the system has three modules: one for galvanic skin response (GSR), one for heart beat frequency (ECG), and one for respiratory movement. These modules can be used individually or in combination with each other.  Each module returns a signal that shows how the response that it measures changes over time.  An example is shown in the figure below, which is a GSR measured across a period of about 30 seconds.

The figure above clearly shows that GSR is a continuously changing response, with peaks varying in amplitude and in duration. The BioPac signals can be combined with one or more external signals (for instance an audio signal) to relate the electrophysiological events to other events, for instance, speech or gesture. We have an in-house user guide, that shows how to use the equipment and the software that comes with it. If you want to use the system for a study use the adress below.

Contact:  dl_biopachumlab.luse.

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