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There is one studio for EEG recording in the Humanities Lab with two different electrode systems: sensor nets from EGI and caps from EASYCAP. You therefore have an option to use either the high-density, high impedance system (EGI) or the low impedance system (EASYCAP) with fewer electrodes. The system that you chose, will typically depend on the question you are addressing. Software for acquisition and signal processing includes the software from EGI and from Neuroscan (Curry 7). With this software waveforms can be preprocessed (e.g. filtered, baseline corrected, artifact rejection using independent component analysis, and viewed as waveforms, topographic maps, or power spectrum. Data can also be imported into EEG-lab (an open source Matlab toolbox) and SPSS for statistical analyses. 

Stimuli (e.g. auditory or visual) are often presented with either Psychopy or E-prime.

Contact: eeghumlab.luse

The EGI system is currently not avaliable for experiments.

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