Current pedagogical activities


In the autumn semester 2020, the pedagogical activities in the Humanities Lab will resume with the courses and tutorials listed below.

In order to comply with the current governmental recommendations for social distancing, most activities will take place online. Those that require hands-on exercises will be offered only if the social distance can be guaranteed, or will be adapted to a more theoretical perspective.

Lab members will also be available for consultation.

As usual, students, teachers and researchers are welcome to join both the courses and the tutorials.

The dates of all activities and the contact person are listed below. To register send a mail to the contact person. The link to the meeting will be sent directly to the registered participants.

The content of each course/tutorial is described on the corresponding menu on the left.





Check here for information about our courses.

Check here for information about our tutorials.


If you have any questions about the pedagogical activities of the Lab, contact our educational developer:  pedagogisk_utvecklarehumlab.luse