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Written and Filmed Guides

Over the years, the Humanities lab has developed several short courses with tutorials. Most of the tutorials are written by Victoria Johansson and Susanne Schötz (2005-2013), but other members of the lab have also helped out.

The tutorials are adapted to different student groups, classes and courses, but can be used as introductions to a program also for other groups. The tutorials are at present not updated but free to download and use for everyone.

Please note that some of the tutorials have been written with old versions of the programs in mind.


Audacity is a programme for recording and editing sound files.

Kort användarhandledning med övning (PDF) (in Swedish by Victoria Johansson)

Guide till att använda Audacity för uttalsövningar (PDF) (in Swedish by Victoria Johansson)


Att använda Adobe Captivate 3 (PDF) (in Swedish by Victoria Johansson)


CLAN is a free programme for transcribing and analysing spoken language. You can download it from Self Service or here.

An introduction to transcription using CHAT (with linking of audiofiles) (PDF) (in English by Victoria Johansson)

An Introduction to CLAN Analyses (PDF) (in English by Victoria Johansson)

Exercice: Coding in CLAN (PDF) (in English by Victoria Johansson)

Introduktion till CLAN 1 - En labbhandledning för logopeder (PDF) (in Swedish by Victoria Johansson)

Introduktion till CLAN 2 - En labbhandledning för logopeder (PDF) (in Swedish by Victoria Johansson)


A simple E-prime tutorial (PDF) intended for the absolute beginners. NB! from 2006! (in English by Victoria Johansson)


Att använda Fraps (PDF) (in Swedish by Victoria Johansson & Stefan Lindgren)


Om bildhantering - En handledning till Gimp (PDF) (in Swedish by Victoria Johansson, Stefan Lindgren & Richard Andersson)


En handledning till akustisk analys av tal (PDF) (in Swedish by Susanne Schötz)

- Facit till En handledning till akustisk analys av tal (PDF) (in Swedish by Susanne Schötz)

- Material till övning (in Swedish by Susanne Schötz)


A PsyScope tutorial to a lexical decision experiment (PDF) (in English by Victoria Johansson)

Say after me

Short manual and tutorial (PDF) (in English by Susanne Schötz & Johan Dahl)

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Screencast-o-matic is one of many programmes for recording a computer screen.

Skärminspelning för stimulated recall (PDF) (in Swedish by Victoria Johansson)

Tutorial requests

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our educational developer (pedagogisk_utvecklarehumlab.luse. if there is a specific tutorial that you think is missing.