New grant from RJ to the project TEAM!

Published 27 October 2023
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Transdisciplinary Approaches to Learning, Acquisition, Multilingualism (TEAM) 2024-2029 (Marianne Gullberg, Jonas Granfeldt) has received a project grant from the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation (Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, RJ)!

Learning one or more languages is a fundamental part of the human experience and touches us all. However, achieving skill and fluency in a new language - as a child or as an adult - is a process characterised by variation. Why should this be? What cognitive and social factors matter? Surprisingly, research does not yet provide clear answers to these questions, perhaps because it often focuses on one single factor studied within a single discipline. TEAM will  apply a transdiciplinary approach to study the complex interaction between linguistic, cognitive, neurological and social prerequisites for language acquisition and multilingualism. We study children and adults, in typical and atypical populations, speaking one or several languages. We aim to develop a transdisciplinary model of variation in acquisition and multilingualism to guide applied and translational research forward.


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