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The Humanities lab is equipped with several state-of-the-art eye trackers, suitable for a wide range of experiments.

There are two ways to start conducting eye-tracking studies in the lab. The first and most common approach is to take the courses offered at our lab, such as experimental design, statistics, programming, and of course eye-tracking, and thus become competent enough to direct your own experiments. The second approach is to collaborate with other people who already know how to conduct experiment with the eye-tracking equipment in the lab. Use the adress below to contact us. Regardless of your approach, a formal project application is required of each project.

Contact: eyetrackinghumlab.luse

Covid 19 safety measures

No more than nine people (including one experimenter) are allowed in the Digital Classroom.

Before entering the Digital Classroom make sure to wash your hands with soup or use hand disinfectant. Keep a safe distance to other people in the room. Do not move furniture.

Clean the keyboard, mouse and table with disinfectant after each recording or use of a computer. If used, also clean chin-, and forehead rests. Never, under no circumstances, clean the eye tracker