New theme at Pufendorf Institute for Advanced Studies!

Published 20 May 2024
two round windows at the bottom of the picture, with a net of lights on string hanging from the ceiling above them.
Photo: Å. Thormählen

Lab member Giacomo Landeschi and Wally V Cirafesi (the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology) will start a new theme at The Pufendorf IAS in September 2024!

Ancient Synagogues and the Human Sensorium: How Digital and Experiential Methods Can Transform Our Understanding of the Sights, Sounds, Smells, and Textures of Early Jewish History

The Theme wants to explore innovative digital methods that allow for the high-quality 3D reconstruction, simulation, and immersive study of sensory experience in ancient spaces, in particular spaces of worship. The goal is not only to digitally reconstruct these spaces from the archaeological remains but also to create a virtually spatialized methodological tool for future researchers who want to study the various sensory elements of ancient buildings in an entirely new way.

The Theme will explore how the creation of these simulations can function to preserve and transmit especially the study of ancient synagogues and Jewish cultural history in accessible ways. However, the Theme anticipates that its efforts will open pathways to addressing broader interdisciplinary questions about human sense perception and the digital study of the past.

The theme will start in September 2024 and is coordinated byWally V Cirafesi and Giacomo Landeschi.

This theme and three more for the period 2024-2025 are announced on the Pufendord Institute for Advanced Studies' webpage. -