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The Lab closed for experiments but ongoing review for partial access in the autumn

Due to covid-19 Lund University Humanities Lab stopped all experimental activities and participant testing on March 16. However, we are currently working to review which facilities might open in the autumn under medically safe cirucmstances. We continue to monitor the situation carefully, and will update you as soon as we can.

(updated 20200615)


To be able to book in our calendars, please read the instructions in the left menu carfeully.

Book equipment only for hours when you are certain you will need it. Please delete your booking if you will not use the facility, even if it is short notice.

LUX:C110 Mocap studio

LUX:C038 LARM Studio

LUX:C110C Recording Booth 2

LUX:C110B Recording booth 1

Eye-tracking equipment

SOL:B055 Digital classroom

SOL: Dialogue booth 1 ("Baby lab")

SOL:B052 Dialogue booth 2

SOL:B053 Dialogue booth 3



SOL:B063 A/B Anechoic chamber

SOL:B060 BioPac

SOL:B068 Articulography room

SOL:B069 Analysis computers

SOL:B072 A/B Studio 1

SOL:B070 A/B Studio 2

SOL:B066 Studio 3

SOL:B065 Studio 4

Humlab main

Humlab staff

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