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18 October 2021 01:01 to 24 October 2021 23:59 Lecture/talk

Short, recorded lecture, available through Youtube. The lecture will be available the whole week. No need for signing up.

Presenter: Stefan Lindgren, Research engineer in Lund University Humanities Lab

The construction of Vadstena Abbey church started in the late 14th century and it was inaugurated in 1430. It was built following surprisingly detailed instructions from Saint Birgitta. Today the interior of the church looks very different from what it did in its glory days – since then it has gone through the reformation, several hundred years of neglect and thereafter the restorations in the early and late 19th century. But what did it look like back in the days? How was the sound in the church? And how did it smell? These are some of the questions that the project Multisensory Vadstena is trying to answer by creating a virtual reconstruction of the early church.

This presentation covers a small but significant part of this virtual reconstruction, namely the long debated placement of the nuns’ platform in the church. The presentation shows how we, with the help of modern technology like 3D-scanning and ground penetrating radar, in combination with written sources, have managed to come up with a new hypothesis that fits well with these sources.

Project members:
Eva Lindqvist Sandgren, Department of Art History, Uppsala University
Karin Strinnholm Lagergren, Department of Music and Art, Linnaeus University
Delphine Bard, Engineering Acoustics, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University
Hanna Autio, Engineering Acoustics, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University
Mathias Barbagallo, Engineering Acoustics, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University
Carolina Ask, 3D-consultant
Stefan Lindgren, Lund University Humanities lab

Other collaborators:
Matteo Rossi, Engineering Geology, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University

This event is part of Lund University’s Future Week, 18-24 October 2021. View the program (in Swedish) – lu.se/framtidsveckan.

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About the event:

18 October 2021 01:01 to 24 October 2021 23:59

Online: https://youtu.be/FrlmFQAoblE


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