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Humanities Lab experiment sign-up!

Research studies conducted in the Humanities Lab are in constant need of participants. If you are interested in taking part in one of our experiments, we invite you to submit your name to our participant list. Please just click the relevant link in the left menu to access our sign-up form.

What will you do during an experiment?

In the lab, we use many different technologies to collect data for analysis. For example, we use eye-trackers to measure eye movements, EEG/ERP to measure brain activity, and articulography to measure how your vocal chords behave when you speak. These technologies are often used in combination with some sort of task: participants may be asked to look at pictures or view films; to read written words, sentences, or blocks of short/long text; to discuss different topics in speech or writing; or to answer questions or provide an opinion on something; etc.

Why take part?

Taking part in studies can be interesting and fun, and it provides a great public service in helping us conduct our research. Experimenters will often hand out some sort of debriefing form which describes the theoretical aims of the study. Thus, in addition to the other benefits, you will also have the opportunity to learn a bit about each specific research question. Finally, you will sometimes receive some small form of reimbursement for your efforts, typically in the form of a lottery ticket or movie ticket.

Research ethics

All studies conducted in our lab follow strict ethical guidelines. For you, as a participant, this means that you will be provided details about the experiment and what it will involve before it begins. For example, you will be told approximately how long the study will take, what equipment will be used, and what tasks you will need to complete. You will also be informed of your right to stop participating in the experiment at any time before or during the study. Prior to participating in an experiment you will either be informed of these details or asked to read and sign a consent form which provides the relevant information, depending on the study. If you want to know more about ethical guidelines for research in Sweden, follow the link to Policy documents (New window).

Signing up

If you use our online form to sign up for our experiment list, you will first receive a confirmation e-mail verifying that we have successfully received your information. After this, researchers may contact you to participate in specific experiments. It is at this point that you will receive more exact information regarding the studies, such as the technology/methodology (e.g. eye tracking), age requirements (e.g. between 18 and 35), language (e.g. native German speakers), and whether or not it involves any sort of reimbursement.Of course you can stop being on this list at any time. Just contact the administration.

We look forward to seeing you in the lab!