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I am currently doing research in the following projects:
* Melody in human–cat communication (Meowsic) (MAW)
* Estlandssvenskans språkstruktur (ESST) (Estonan Swedish Language Structure) (VR)

I am also in charge of the articulographs (AG500 and AG501) in the Humanities Lab

I teach the following courses:
* Phonetics (Speech Therapy Program)
* Phonetics (Audiology Program)


About the research

Research interests:

Phonetic variation of various kinds, including (1) dialectal variation in Swedish and other languages, (2) paralinguistic variation like age, emotion, attitude and health condition, and (3) phonetic variation in human-animal communication. Specifically, I take interest in the following areas:

• Dialectal variation. In the projects SweDia 2000 and SIMULEKT, I have been given excellent opportunities to study Swedish dialectal variation.

• Speaker age: a paralinguistic and speaker-specific quality which is always present in speech. I am interested in human perception, acoustic analysis, machine recognition and simulation (synthesis) of speaker age.

• Estonian Swedish is still spoken by a handful of speakers in Estonia and Sweden. I am currently helping with the documentation and analysis of these nearly extinct Swedish dialects.

• Swedish long vowels and how they are articulated in different Swedish dialects. In the project Exotic Vowels in Swedish - an articulographic study of palatal vowels [VOKART] I am currently studying regional variability in Swedish vowel articulation using the in articulograph AG500 in the Humanities Lab.

Cat–cat and cat–human communication. I am interested in the sounds cats use in their vocal communication with cats and humans, and how these sounds are combined and varied (and how humans perceive them).


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Other tasks and qualifications

• Board member of Lyssnande Lund – Ljudmiljöcentrum vid Lunds universitet (Listening Lund – Center for Sound Environment at Lund University)

Susanne Schötz

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