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My main resposibility in the Humanities Laboratory is the virtual reality department. Our work there is to record, analyze and visualize 3d-data. With the help of 3d-scanners and photographs, we create 3d-models of different objects and environments. Then we visualize the modells with stereoscopic units. An important part of this is applying interaction to the 3d-modells.

We also work with 3d-data from our motion capture system, partly to be able to analyze gestures and bodylanguage, for researchers interested in these topics, but also to be able to put moving characters into virtual environments.

My task as a researchengineer in the humanities laboratory also includes a lot of other duties. I help to maintain our equipment as good as possible, I handle purchases of new equipment and gives advice to researchers that want to try different experimental setups, especially when it comes to audio- and videorecordings.



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Stefan Lindgren

Research Engineer, Health and Safety Representative, Purchasing Coordinator
Humanities Lab

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