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I currently work primarily as the methodologist in the Laboratory of the Humanities. This implies that I assist students and research in planning experiments and analyzing experimental results. As part of this employment, I teach an introductory course in statistical analysis. This course is given once a year during the spring term.

Apart from my position as a methodologist, I am also member of the project "Contrast in Language, Thought and Memory". In this project we investigate how native speakers represent semantic relations, with primary focus on antonymy and synonymy, that is words that have opposite or similar meaning.


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I work half time in the Humanities Laboratory as methodologist, and half as a researcher at the linguistics department. Projects that I am currently involved in are "Phenomenology and Typology of Motion" and "Melody in Human-Cat communication".


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Teaching spring 2020

  • KOGP08, Cognitive Science: Research Methods
  • LINN16, Linguistics: Psycholinguistics
  • SVEG62, Language Consultancy: Research Methods

Joost van de Weijer

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