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Motion capture

A motion capture (mocap) system is used to record motion in three dimensions. This is useful for researchers studying body language and gestures. It could also be used to enhance the movement of digital characters in virtual environments. It has also been used for studying intangible heritage in terms of craftsmanship of different kind.The Qualisys optical motion capture system consists of eight high-speed infrared cameras (Oqus5+) linked to each other, one video camera (Oqus 210c) and one recording computer. The person being recorded puts special markers on strategic places of the body. Once calibrated, the mocap system can recognize the 3D-position of each marker. The system is able to record movements at a very high speed. The video camera is synchronized with the mocap cameras so the resulting video can have a overlay of the markers.The software used is Qualisys track manager for recording and some post processing, Blender or MotionBuilder for applying the data to virtual characters, or several other software like Matlab or Visual 3D for analyzing the data files.

Contact: mocaphumlab.luse