Humanities Lab

The Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology | Lund University

Code of conduct

During your visit

Good practice and how to use the lab:

  • All users in the lab must have a valid user agreement for each project. A project can be everything from a five-year project to a single experiment. Information on how to become a user can be found on the project management pages (link, new window). As a registered user, you can book equipment and rooms.
  • You might need to take a course/workshop or read a tutorial (link, new window) to be able to use the equipment.
  • If you want to use our facilities (rooms, systems, software, hardware, etc.), check availability in the Google calendars (link, new window). Book it properly and remember to list your name, experiment, and contact info on the booking. Book rooms and equipment only for hours when you are certain you will need it! Block booking is not allowed.
  • Should you need additional equipment (extra keyboard, monitor etc), check the storage room @SOL. If you find what you need, sign it out with date, name, and planned return date in the binder.
  • DO NOT remove equipment from other rooms. It may be part of another experimental set up, even if it is not used at the moment. Check the Google calendars (link, new window) for who is using the room, and contact that person.
  • Many of the recording- and stimulus computers have very specific setups. These must NOT be changed. Also, these computers do not have antivirus software installed, since an unplanned virus scan might affect the recordings. Therefore, it is categorically forbidden to connect any USB-stick or external USB-drive to any of these computers. All data transfer should be done through the secure network to the server.
    Each recording room has a switch connected to the server through a safe connection. There is also a switch that can be connected to a stimulus computer to download the experiments, or a to a recording computer to upload the result. Once connected, double click on the script ‘HUMLAB tool’ on the desktop. Connect using lucat-credentials and the project-ID. The project folder on the server will be mapped as H: on PC computers. On Mac computers you have to connect manually through ‘Connect to server...’ in the Finder. Connect to smb://<project-id> and log in with lucat-credentials.
    The workflow should be as follows:

    Prepare the experiment either on your own computer or one of the preparation computers in the prep room. When the experiment is ready, connect to your project folder on the Humlab server the normal way. Copy the experiment files to the server. Go to the stimulus computer and connect to the server as described above and download the experiment to the stimulus computer. Once the recording is done, connect the recording computer to the project folder on the server as described above, and move the recorded data to the project folder. On your personal computer or one of the prep computers connect to the project folder the normal way and download the recorded data.
  • When several people use the same equipment to run experiments, inform the other experimenters if you have made significant changes to software/hardware.
  • When software/hardware needs updating, please contact the person in charge by using the functional email address linked to the equipment (see facilities )(link, new window).
  • All studies must follow the ethical guidelines for human participants (link, new window). Participants should sign a consent form before leaving the experiment.
  • Accompany your participants in and out of the lab (all the way to the outer doors). This is especially important if the library is closed. Outside of library opening hours, walk your participants through the side entrance to the lab, NOT through the library main doors.
  • Keep the rooms clean and tidy and remove dirty dishes from the lab.
  • Make sure you know how to evacuate the premises in case of fire. You are responsible for guiding any participants out of the building.
  • When your experiment is finished (and no further testing will be done), clear away the set up and restore the facilities to their original state. Any equipment not belonging to the lab should be removed. Should you need to return to the set-up after a temporary break, leave the set up with a note stating your contact information and date for when you plan to resume your activity. If you do not have a specified date, please remove the set up. Do not leave anything in the storage room unmarked. Put name, project info, date and contact info on the equipment.