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MEET THE EXPERTS: Welcome to Open House at the Humanities Lab

Curious about what we do in the Lab? Do you have questions about how an instrument works? How to set up an experiment? How to hammer out a research idea and write a grant proposal? How to handle data treatment and storage? Come and talk to us! Once a month HumLab researchers will meet visitors and reply to their questions.


Here's the schedule for spring 2019:

31 January, h.12-15

Meet the experts on Eye Tracking (HumLab SOL, B055 - Digital Classroom) and  Experimental Setups (SOL B054)


13 February, h.13-16 

Meet the experts on Video & Sound Recording (LARM studio at LUX), Motion CaptureVirtual Reality and GPS (MoCap studio at Lux) 


4 March, h. 9-12

Meet the experts on Speech Transcription & Multimodal AnalysisScript Log (HumLab at SOL, B054), and Electrophysiological Responses (BioPac system) (HumLab SOL, B060) 


23 April, h- 10-12; 13-14

Meet the experts on Anechoic Chamber & Articulography (HumLab at SOL)


22 May, h 13-16

Meet the experts on Language Documentation & Corpus Server (HumLab at SOL, B054) 


For information contact: pedagogisk_utvecklarehumlab.luse




During the spring term of 2019 the Humanities Lab offers three courses. Go to our Courses page for more information and apply by sending an e-mail to the address within brackets. 

- Eye Tracking (diederick_c.niehorsterhumlab.luse)


- Programming for the Behavioural Sciences (marcus.nystromhumlab.luse)

- Statistics I (Joost.van_de_Weijerling.luse)



Group Tutorials

The Humanities Lab also offers several group tutorials on different tools. Dates and places are indicated.

To register send a mail to the tutorial responsible no later than a week before. Visit the Group Tutorials page for info on their content.

-Introduction to the Lab (maria.grazianohumlab.luseNo fixed date, on demand! 


- PsychoPy (marcus.nystromhumlab.luseMarch 13; h. 13-16 in B054 (PC-Sal)


- R: non-statistical uses (joost.van_de_weijerling.luseApril 9; h. 13-15 in A116 (Betalabbet)


- RTK GPS and data georeferencing(giacomo.landeschiark.luseApril 11; h. 10-12


- Audio and video recording at LARM studio (peter.roslundhumlab.luseApril 24; h.9.15-12.15 at Larm studio (LUX)


- 3D scanning (stefan.lindgrenhumlab.luseMay 10, h. 9-12, in A116 (Betalabbet)