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Current pedagogical activities


Due to the coronavirus outbreak, ALL GROUP TUTORIALS planned for spring 2020 are CANCELLED.


  • Functional and structural brain imaging: CANCELLED. The course will be held in AUTUMN 2020.

  • Programming for the Behavioral Sciences; will be held ONLINE.





During spring semester, the Humanities Lab offers the following three courses:

  • Functional and structural brain imaging; application to Johan Mårtensson (link to email); starting date: April 3
  • Programming for the Behavioral Sciences; application Marcus Nyström (link to email); starting date: March 31
  • Statistics II; application to Joost van de Weijer (link to email); starting date: Jan 27

See course descriptions here (link, opens in same window).


The Lab will also organize the following group tutorials.

To register send a mail to the person indicated in brackets.

See group tutorial description here (link, opens in same window).

  • Audio & Video recording at LARM studio (Peter Roslund) (link to email) ON DEMAND
  • Introduction to the Lab (Maria Graziano) (link to email) ON DEMAND
  • Elan II (Maria Graziano) (link to email); March 23, 10-12, B054
  • BioPac system (Joost van de Weijer) (link to email); April 1, 13-15, Lab
  • Motion Capture (MoCap) system (Henrik Garde) (link to email); May
  • GPS and data georeferencing (Giacomo Landeschi) (link to email); Feb 25, 9-12, MoCap studio
  • Image-based modelling (Giacomo Landeschi) (link to email); May 6, 9-12, MoCap studio
  • Mining text with quantitative methods (Johan Frid) (link to email); March 2, 10-12, B054
  • PsychoPy (Marcus Nystrom) (link to email); Feb 12, 13-15, L123
  • R-studio: Introduction (Joost van de Weijer) (link to email); April 3, 13-15