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New three-year MAW grant: The LANG-TRACK-APP


The Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Foundation (MAW) has awarded Granfeldt and Gullberg funding for the project The LANG-TRACK-APP: Studying exposure to and use of a new language using smartphone technology. In a collaboration between the Centre for Languages and Literature and LU Humanities Lab the project will develop a smartphone app to help us track and examine when, where, and how often language learners are exposed to and use the language they are trying to learn outside of classrooms. The project will compare individuals newly arrived in Sweden learning Swedish and Swedish students going abroad to learn a foreign language. The project is linked to an ongoing COST Action Study Abroad Research in European Perspective where Granfeldt and Gullberg chair Working Group 1, as well as to the project Breaking into sign language: the role of input and individual differences (Marshall, Janke, Gullberg).

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