Audio & Video Recording (LARM Studio)

This is a hands-on tutorial during which you will learn to operate audio and video equipment in order to realize good audio-video recordings both in a studio and in the field.

The tutorial is addressed to scholars and students who need to collect audio and/or video data for their research. The tutorial lasts four hours and includes a maximum of eight participants.

All equipment will be provided by the LARM-studio and no prior experience is needed.

Personalized tutorials

We also offer dedicated tutorials for scholars and students who are planning to use the LARM-studio for their research or projects. These tutorials will be adapted to your needs and will teach you how to independently make your own recordings in the studio.

Tutorials can cover aspect such as multiple cameras (as in live broadcasting), lighting and camera angles, audio mixer and software for editing music, and so on.

For info and applications, contact peter.roslundhumlab.luse.

Go the Current pedagogical activities to check if this tutorial is given the current semester.

Larm studio
Larm studio
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