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I am a Professor in Psychology at Lund university, where I founded the eye-tracking laboratory in 1995, which later grew into the large Humanities Laboratory. I have worked in a large variety of eye-tracking-based research stretching from reading research and scene perception, over to newspaper reading, advertisement studies and gesture recognition in face-to-face interaction. I also have expertise in eye tracking used in applied areas, including decision making in supermarkets and research on safety in car driving and air traffic control. In 2000, I initiated regular master courses in eye-tracking methodology. In 2006, I founded the Scandinavian Conference on Applied Eye-tracking, and in 2008, the international LETA training courses in eye-tracking methodology. In 2013, we organized the ECEM conference. I am the main author of the international standard "Eye Tracking: a comprehensive guide to methods and measures", which will soon appear in its 2nd edition.


About the research

My research is about eye-tracking and eye movements. I investigate not only how the eye movements, but why. I am also interested in using eye-tracking in applied contexts, such as reading, decision making, inter-personal communication, traffic research and clinical research. I also work a lot with method research, to assist in the development of better eye trackers, and develop methods for performing eye tracking.


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  • Mulvey, F., Perrone, G. & Holmqvist, K. (submitted). Interpolating accurate saccade peak velocity measures and velocity profiles from low sample frequency data. Behavior Research Methods. The Psychonomic Society.
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Kenneth Holmqvist

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