Humanities Lab

The Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology | Lund University

Humlab 10 year celebration

Come try out some of our tools!

Hands-on demos @ the Museum of artistic proccess and public art (Skissernas) on October 20, 11.00-16.00

  • Can using your gaze instead of a mouse improve your gaming skills?
  • Do you have an eye for art?
  • Are you as good a writer as you think?
  • Can you create a 3D copy of a sculpture?
  • How did a rich banker in Pomepeii decorate?

For more information about the demos, click on the banner to the right!

Lund University Humanities Lab, inaugurated in 2007, is a unique research facility that provides humanists, theologians, but also researchers from other disciplines at LU access to advanced research technology, methodology and education. The Lab gives humanists completely new opportunities to supplement traditional working methods with quantitative analytical methods and tools. It also opens up new opportunities for interdisciplinary cooperation.

The lab has everything from apparatus that allows us to measure eye movements and brain activity to audio, music and professional recording equipment. The approximately 500 researchers using the lab study everything from coordination in a choir to 3D models of archaeological findings to how the brain reacts to language learning in children and adults.

To celebrate our tenth anniversary, we will demo some of our facilities and examples of research at the the Museum of artistic proccess and public art (Skissernas)  on October 20. Here, the general public will be able to manually test part of the research equipment (eg eye movement measurement, key stroke logging, and 3D virtual reality models).

All are most welcome!