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Spring Term 2017 in the Humanities Lab

During the spring term of 2017 the Humanities Lab offers three courses and a series of group tutorials.

The courses given during the spring term are listed below. Apply (as usual) by sending an e-mail to the address within brackets. Click on the course name to go to the course information.

Courses (7.5 hp)

First part of the term (2017-01-31 – 2016-03-28):

           - Experimental Design(marcus.nystromhumlab.luse)

Second part of the term (2016-10-31 – 2017-01-13)

           - Programming for the Behavioural Sciences(marcus.nystromhumlab.luse)

           - Motion Capture Research Methods (jens.nirmelucs.luse)


Group Tutorials

           - 3D Scanning (stefan.lindgrenhumlab.luse)

           - AntConc (frida.splendidohumlab.luse)

           - Audacity (frida.splendidohumlab.luse)

           - CLAN 1+2 (frida.splendidohumlab.luse)

           - The LARM studio - Audio and video recording (peter.roslundhumlab.luse)

           - PsychoPy (marcus.nystromhumlab.luse)


General information

The Lab offers various courses, ranging from 2 hour crash courses, « group tutorials », to courses running over a longer period yielding 2 - 7,5 higher educational credits (PhD courses).

Courses given by the Lab are primarily open for PhD students and researchers, but application is possible also for master students.

On each course page, you can find a course plan. In this plan you see whether you are eligible for the course or not (under paragraph 7: Admission Requirements). To be eligible for all courses you need to have (a minimum of) a Bachelor's degree.


You apply to the courses by sending an e-mail to the contact person for each course. Contact information is found on the course page. Make sure to include full name, social security number (or date of birth) and what you have studied before. Please note that this is the only way to apply for our courses, they are not advertised on!  

If you are a PhD student, you will receive a certificate of the completed coursework to take back to your home department for accreditation. Please note that you will need to check with your supervisor that the course can be accredited in your individual study plan.


E-mail: pedagogisk_utvecklarehumlab.luse