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Kick-off for Pufendorf Theme group DATA


Photo: Marianne Gullberg

The theme group DATA, coordinated by Melvyn Davies (Astronomy), kicks off at the beautiful Pufendorf Institute for Advanced Studies on Aug. 25. The theme brings together scholars from the School of Economics & Management, Humanities & Theology, Engineering, Medicine, Science, and Social Sciences, as well as from The University Library. The work will focus on data curation, visualisation, discovery, and analysis in five 'threads', namely Archiving vanishing languages; Visualising the universe; Discovery from the written word; A catalogue of stellar spectra; Understanding how we work together. The theme will host open seminars, visitors, a conference, and will generate youtube films.

Lund University Humanities Lab employees and users are deeply involved in the theme threads. Core members include Marianne Gullberg, Johan Frid, Nicole Kruspe, Nicolo Dell'Unto among others.

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