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PIRE undergrad student presents study from Lund at the 9th Int. Conference on the Mental Lexicon

This spring the Humanities Lab had the pleasure of hosting Julia Hotcher, one of the PIRE undergraduate students from the 2014 cohort. The PIRE network Understanding the bilingual mind and brain, [...]


Inauguration of the Humanities Lab at LUX

On August 28 the Humanities Lab inaugurated two new facilities at LUX, a new building for the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology. The facilities include a motion capture studio and a [...]


Language of smell

LANGUAGE OF SMELL ON PLOS BLOGS Research on olfaction by Niclas Burenhult and colleagues is featured in an interview with Professor Asifa Majid on PLOS Blogs Network, September 10, 2014. [...]


Digital Tools in the Humanities

2014-11-17 Mo   13:15 - 15:00


Digital Tools in the Humanities

2014-12-15 Mo   13:15 - 15:00