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Ny spännande forskning i kontakt med gymnasielärare och -elever / New exciting research meets upper secondary school teachers and pupils

Under förmiddagen den 30 april arrangerar Humanistlaboratoriet och Forskningsnätet Skåne tillsammans en visning av Humanistlaboratoriets verksamhet för lärare inom Forskningsnätet och för fysikelever [...]


Marianne Gullberg on radio show Din gata [Your street]

Marianne Gullberg appeared on national Swedish radio on April 9, on P3 show Din gata [Your Street] talking about language, bilingualism, and gestures. Link to programme here: [...]


Large Eye-tracking study

With 200 participants from the whole world, the 17 most used eye-trackers and 3400 recordings during 4 weeks, staff in the labb are conducting one of the largest eye-tracking studies ever. [...]