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Marianne Gullberg on radio show Din gata [Your street]

Marianne Gullberg appeared on national Swedish radio on April 9, on P3 show Din gata [Your Street] talking about language, bilingualism, and gestures. Link to programme here: [...]


Large Eye-tracking study

With 200 participants from the whole world, the 17 most used eye-trackers and 3400 recordings during 4 weeks, staff in the labb are conducting one of the largest eye-tracking studies ever. [...]


Carolina Larsson and Stefan Lindgren and mocap medieval fighting techniques on Vetenskapens värld (SVT)

Carolina Larsson and Stefan Lindgren of Lund University Humanities Lab appear in episode 9 of Vetenskapens Värld on national Swedish television (broadcast March 17). In an episode on the Battle of [...]


Social orchestration (CCL)

2014-04-22 Tu   13:00 - 15:00


The many faces of natural social attention (CCL)

2014-04-29 Tu   13:00 - 15:00


A study on dyslexia and information search

2014-05-09 Fr   11:15 - 12:00